Nichole & Josh

Nichole had a consultation with us in Fort Mill, SC. She was a Winthrop graphic design graduate and connected with our video and design sensibilities. Interestingly her wedding was not also nearby in Fort Mill, but Greenville, SC. The Westin-Poinsett is the premiere venue in the city. Photos and video by the antique Poinsett sign [...]

Sallie & Brett

This couple was wed on the “21st night of September” and fittingly chose the Earth, Wind and Fire song September that uses that exact lyric. Perfect timing guys! They have a real sweet First Look at the beginning of the trailer too.

Becca & Josh

This was our 3rd and rainiest wedding at Carrigan Farms last year. It rained continuously through their 35 minute ceremony but everyone toughed it out and the visuals still turned out well. This was the only occasion in the last two years that we had to use our DSLR video rain jackets. We always bring [...]

Alexa & Ryan

This is one of my favorite trailers from the fall of 2013. It is what one might call a “rustic-authentic” styled or themed wedding. The bride had a perfect crown of flowers and a bohemian crocheted dress. The groom had a Mumford & Sons beard, boots, vest and bow tie. They were wed at the [...]

Lynsey & Brad

We think the Arbors is a very classy venue that offers everything a bride and groom need, all within close and convenient proximity. Lynsey and Brad have some heartfelt, personalized vows in this trailer. She specifically requested of us that we make a trailer that makes people cry with happiness. Get ready for the waterworks!

Erika & Chris

Chris is Dominican and Erika is Mexican. This wedding was a really exciting and high energy convergence of Hispanic cultures. La Hora Loca was a highlight, as was the excellent mariachi band that played outside the church as the bride and groom departed for a brand new Rolls Royce.

Eric & Samantha

This Biltmore wedding weekend took place over the Labor Day holiday. Despite the rain, this couple remained cheery. Highlights include the interiors from the Biltmore Botanical Garden and the reception jazz band.

Reem & James

Reem & James were married at St Gabriel’s Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC. Their pre-wedding activity took place at a hotel in the inner city. The reception was at the Harvey Gantt Center in Uptown. Harvey Gantt is a multi-story facility that accomodated a sit down, plated meal on the 2nd floor, cocktail hour on [...]

Emily & Daniel

Emily and Daniel were married at the biggest Presbyterian church in Greenville, SC. 1st Pres Greenville is quite a strikingly beautiful place. Their Scottish pastor delivered a well received homily. Prior to the ceremony friends of Emily and Daniel played organ, piano and stringed instruments. Emily is a violinist and Daniel is a percussionist so [...]

Molly & Ryan

Molly and Ryan got married on a hot sunny June day in Clayton, GA. Lake Burton is one nice looking lake. The rolling mountains from the Waterfall Clubhouse were some of the prettiest views of any wedding this year. Molly and Ryan had a fun and wild wedding. This is the third wedding we’ve done [...]


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